Here at JDS our services consist of:

Shop and Submittal drawings for Custom Casework and Millwork for Casework Mfrs.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if I can be of any service at all to you or your firm.

What I Would Need From You

1. Job Information

Job Name

Job Number

Architects Information

General Contractor Information.

2. Listed Items

Your scope of work

Architecturals (PDF or Hard Copy)

(These need to be highlited)

Project Manager and all others invoved

All contact information.

(All contact numbers, emails, etc.)

What I  Furnish You

1. All Drawings Needed:

These will consist of all elevations, floor plans, sections, finishes, and notes.

I will send these from time to time for your review and revisions that you may need.

Drawings will be sent to you in PDF format, on your size media, title block, etc.