Allow Me To Intrduce Myself:



My name is Jim Kelley. I have several years of experience in the Custom Casework and Millwork Industry. My background includes shop floor experience then working my way to design.

The format I have always used is AutoCAD. AutoCad 2021 LT.

JDS is a  Millwork Drafting Service. Providing millwork shop drawings of architectural woodwork, casework, millwork, commercial cabinets to woodworking companies throughout United States.

Also, since 1986 I have been involved in the design of several custom homes in the Louisville, KY area. These ranged from the average 3 bedroom ranch to multi-floor residences.




1. Lower overhead costs.

2. Much faster turn-around.

3. Increased Productivity.

4. Decreased errors needing revisions.

5. Better collaboration.

In the current climate we work in today, it's always important to never stop improving. Outsourcing your architectural drawing projects to pros can lower costs which makes your bids more attractive. It can also produce higher quality designs and give you more time to work on the other needs of your business. Contact us today for more information.